Flower walls only $249 when booked together with our photo booths! Limited time only!

Open vs Enclosed Booths

What is an Open Booth?

Open Air Photo Booths are the new and best way to experience a photo booth. Unlike the traditional enclosed booths, our open photo booths provide many advantages including:


Want to look your best? That's not possible in an enclosed booth where you are literally packed like sardines. Enclosed photo booth are designed for only 2 people. Group photos are a breeze with our booths! Pose comfortably without worrying about doing a rugby scrum just to fit in the frame.


Closed booths simply can't match the quality of our pictures. We take photos from a safe distance and use the highest grade equipment to make studio quality images. Many enclosed booths have blurry and low resolution pictures.


We have so many backdrop choices including our beautiful flower walls.  Package flower walls with our photo booths and get a discount!


Our photo booths can be setup almost anywhere. A lot of venues have limited space however, we can work closely with the venue to make it work. Our booths have been everywhere in Brisbane. 


Open photo booths also prevent you getting a rude surprise where guests can get a little wild after a few drinks.. We like to keep our photos classy and safe for everyone to view :).

Flower Walls

We now have a beautiful selection of flower walls. You can hire a flower wall as a feature wall or use it as the photo booth backdrop. Click on the button below to find out what we have to offer!